The 6 Basic Elements of Writing a Case Study

Case Study Writing
Writing a case study is given as an assignment to students as these students are expected to read and analyse the issues that they are given to understand. The teachers assign case study writing assignments to students so that they can work on the given problems and obtain the best results which are expected of them. Planning to write a case study requires some hard work and planning and the students need to be aware of all the important and basic points which will aid them in coming up with the right case study to present to their teacher. This article is a guide and helps students understand what writing a case study is all about and explains the 6 basic elements of writing one:

Stating the Problem: For writing a case study, the students must clearly and strongly state a problem which needs a solution. The students must focus on the problem and the paper should revolve around solving the problem. Students should work in a strategic manner which helps them study the right way and develop a case study.

Writing the Thesis: The main objective of the research is stating the thesis and it is only after the students have developed the thesis that they can arrive at a particular goal and clearly state their position which helps them come up with the right case study and prove what they are talking about in their research paper.

Discussing Theories and Defining Terms: When writing a case study, it is necessary for students to define all the terms that they are using as they could have an impact on the readers’ understanding for importance of literature review and also discusses the theories which they are using in writing their case study. It is important to do so as it helps to achieve the aims and objectives of the research and make readers better realize what is being said.

Explaining Research Methods: Depending on the nature of research and the questions that are put forward by the teacher, it is necessary for students to define and explain the research methods that are being used to write the case study. It is also important to discusses why the chosen topic can be best explained with the given research methods.

Applying Findings to the Case Study: Once the students have gathered all the facts and details regarding the case study, they also need to discuss how these facts and details are going to provide practical solutions to the given problem.

Abstraction and Duplication: It is important for students to make sure that even if someone else follows the procedures for dissertation writing topics and methods as indicated in the case study, they should also arrive at the same conclusion and draw the same results. Abstraction means that another student can also build up the findings of another research when they are coming up with a case study. These 6 basic elements of writing a case study can help students understand better the process of writing a case study and work on them in a better way.

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