Do Violent Video Games Make Kids Angry And Cruel?

Violent Video Games
A violent video game is an electronic game. It involves interaction with a user interface in order to make visual criticism. It is not a notorious statement to make that video game is the most powerful and impressionable force on the lives of children. However, children feel interested in video games. Video games are enjoyable and attractive; therefore, young people feel interested in video games. In this argumentative essay, the experts’ writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss do violent video games make kids angry and cruel.

Violent video games are different from positive video games, because, violent video games are many sides’ effects on the mind of children. Basically, violent video games have a powerful influence on the children mind. In fact, the violent video game has detrimental effects that are really harmful to the children. According to modern research, playing constructive and positive video games are really helpful for the children to spend a balanced life. In fact, it is the cause of happiness. Positive video game keeps active to the mind of children.

However, violent video games can make children angry and cruel. Basically, it is not a cause of enjoyment, but it has negative effects on the mind of children. Violent video games generate bad ideas in the brain and it is the cause to make children angry and cruel. However, in violent video games, the player learns to hurt someone in order to win the point. This is bad and undermines for ethical compassion. In the standard conditions, human emotions are designed to prevent violence. However, in violent video games, the human is forced to create violence. Children who play video game build opposite intuition in his or her mind. A child will practice over and over the violent action that is not a thing to do. A child will learn these things in his or her practical life.

Violent actions can affect the children behaviours hundred times. The children learn violent by these video games. Violent video games educate children on how to act like a criminal and how to harm someone. Violent action makes children cruel and angry. The children feel happy by hurting someone. You should keep in mind that violent video games are not the addict of the children, because, it will be harmful to the children. Kid and youngster's brain are vulnerable; therefore, violent video game makes them cruel and angry. Here is some advice that a student should follow:

Receiving the best habit is the best fascination that can be helpful for the children in the future. Therefore, it is most important that children should be given basic education. Playing video games is not good for your social skills. Therefore, it is most important that children should provide basic education about violent games. It is fact that spending too much time on games is not good for that children health. You should provide basic information about violent video games. A child will lose her or his sights and health.

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