What is the Importance of Cultural Studies in Social Science

The cultural values are customs that are passed and observed over various generations. Most education experts have said that we should instil custom values in new learners. The main aim of instilling these custom values to youngsters is that they pass this knowledge to other generations. The best example of instilling cultural values among the youngsters is that most schools organize cultural galas. In these cultural galas, they try to tell students about the history of their cultures. The importance of cultural studies in social science is given below by the writers of assignment help;

1) Intrinsic benefits

To study cultural values can be beneficial for an individual in various ways. It is a source of delight and wonders for students and it encourages or creates an environment of competition among the students. It can also become a cause of creativity for students. After studying cultural values, the students can work for the enhancement of a community’s sense of place. After acquiring cultural values, the students can use it for entertainment and they can also share their experience with others. The cultural values make the students well-organized and they learn how to behave well with others at different places like museums, theatres, public libraries and much more. 

2) Improved learning and valuable skills for future

By acquiring cultural values, students can easily enhance their education outcomes by developing their thinking skills, by building their self-esteem and by improving resilience. It is also observed that most of the students show their interest in cultural values and they are able to secure better grades than STEM subjects. Moreover, it is also observed that in the US, which schools are teaching cultural studies to their students are able to improve mathematics grades of their students than other schools which are not teaching cultural studies to their students. According to the results of research, knowledge of cultural heritage can become a cause of lifelong learning for students. 

3) Vibrant communities

If we teach cultural studies to students, it will be beneficial for society as a whole. Knowledge of cultural studies is helpful for us to build social capital. This social capital acts like glue to hold communities together. It will bring people together and people will take part in different kinds of cultural activities like festivals and fairs. These festivals and fairs are helpful for students in various ways like it can create social solidarity, it can create cohesion, it can foster social illusions, it can enhance confidence among students and it can also empower the community. 

4) Economic benefits

Along with some social benefits, the knowledge of cultural studies has some economic benefits for students as well as for the whole nation. First of all, it is contributing to job creations by preparing a new model to the students to use knowledge and creativity to drive productivity and growth. It is also contributing to the tourism industry. The innovations in cultural values are enhancing millions of tourists and it is adding millions of dollars in GDP of a country. While studying cultural studies, the students have to study cultural planning which is helpful for government and local organizations to work for the improvement of life. 

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