Active Reading Strategies for Your Assignments

Reading Strategies for Assignments
The strategies should be one that work best and suit your purpose. It is not necessary to use them all while reading. Before reading, you should ask pre-reading questions to yourself. You should know what the topic is. After the selection of a topic, you should think what you already know about it. You should also ask yourself that why instructor has assigned this particular reading at this time of the semester. If you are assigned any reading that you are not familiar with, define and identify any unfamiliar terms by hiring cheap assignment writing service providers. Particular attention should be given to the opening paragraph and the introduction of the topic to locate information.

While reading you should make marginal notes and make comments. Moreover, while reading put down your highlighter and point out the important sentences and words. You can also write notes instead of highlighting something. You can ask questions, protest vehemently, give assent and summarize the text. Writing down key points and words, you will be able to recall important points that are discussed. It is better to highlight the sentences and words that you are not able to understand while reading. After reading the full text once, review it again after understanding the concepts and answer of difficult questions. It will be enable you to easily understand the text.

While reading, writing questions in the margins and then answer the questions on a separate piece of paper or in a reading journal. While reading textbook you should try to change all the subtitles, titles, paragraph and sections heading into the question because it will help to improve the understanding. Make flow charts, outlines and diagrams because it will help you to map and give a way to follow and to understand the ideas visually. While reading a paragraph, read it carefully to determine what it does and what it says and then answer what it says in only one sentence.

The main idea of the paragraph should be represented in your own words. In order to answer the question “what it does” you have to describe the objective or purpose within the text. The effective reading also requires the full concentration to the text. You should learn without any distraction because it will divert your attention. After reading a full chapter,you should write a chapter or essay in your own words. It will enable you to know how much you understand and will build confidence that you have learned to some extent. The summary should not be more than a page.

You should write the main idea and concept of the topic or a chapter. Moreover, you should capture the important ideas and one of two examples should be written. It will help you to understand that what you know and what reading is about. While reading you should make the questions like a teacher can make for your exam. It will improve your understanding. After reading a full chapter or text, you should teach what you have learned to any other person. Research shows that teaching is the effective ways to learn.

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