5 Potential Scenarios for Future of Education

Potential Scenarios for Future
The global education market is estimated to reach at least $10 trillion by the time 2030 is around. The main reason behind this is the growth in population and the development in the academic sector that will encourage more people to seek the best knowledge and degrees in popular disciplines. The massive expansion of technology and information will help to play a key part in the development of economies and education would be the most important factor, playing a crucial role in this scenario.

As the academic scene continues to change, the need for right education and ability to move in the right direction also continues to increase. Governments and academic sectors are making plans that will help to improve education and ensure that people from all sectors of society get the best education that will give way to a more educated and aware society. It has been predicted that all over the world, more than 1.5 million teachers per year would be needed to meet the demand of the learners and ensure that education is dispensed to meet the demands of the day. Further, writing companies will need to expand their services especially for those students who buy dissertation online to complete their degree.

While no one can accurately predict the future and say what will happen or how things will shape up after the next decade, some predictions are made on the direction and speed of progress and changes that can have a key effect on the way things will move. It would not be wrong to say that education and learning is a beautiful but a complicated process and while there are no easy answers to this, there are certain aspects can help experts predict potential scenarios. These experts rely on these scenarios to simplify the complexities and identify, track and recognize the underlying as well as the obvious influences and make prognosis.

Potential Scenarios For Future Of Education:
Based on the key driving factors, the following potential scenarios have been presented by experts:

Skill Focused Universities:
The experts have predicted that in future, the universities will be more focused on skills rather than dispensing education; the higher educational institutes would say goodbye to the current model that focuses more on knowledge and information. They will work to train and create awareness among the students that will help them solve complex problems, deal with uncertainty or develop a sense of responsibility that would turn students into better employees and enable them to become more productive in the work field. This way universities will not only be producing scholars but professionals who are ready to enter the professional world prepared with all they need to know to do well in their lives.

Interconnected Education:
This scenario has also been rated very highly by the experts as they believe that students will no longer be restricted to gaining knowledge and awareness from one university or one college but they would be able to get it from multiple institutions. This would be achieved through the digital import and digital export; the focus would shift from one institution to multi-institutional model and the students would be able to acquire better knowledge and learning from different teachers and trainers from other parts of the world that would enhance their skill set.

My-Curriculum Scenario:
Experts believe that there will be a time when the students will not be following the curriculum or the course as laid by the university or the teachers but they will be able to build their own curriculum based on their personal interest, their choice of field and their future profession. This will give students a chance to get more focused learning and work towards their academic as well as professional goals in a much better way and they will be directly working with teachers and advisors who can guide them towards success in lesser time and with better motivation.

Unlimited Learning Scenario:
When students will be focusing on their careers and their ultimate goals, this will give way to unlimited learning potential and they will choose their courses depending on what they want to achieve in life. This way the students will be more competent and they will be motivated to keep the learning process going on because they want to move forward. From an early stage, the students would know what they want to do and how and this will help them take a keen interest in learning and they will be willing to continue the learning process to do better.

Artificial Intelligence Revolution:
As technology continues to advance, students will also rely more on artificial intelligence that will help them learn better, think critically and enter professional life fully prepared with what is to come. The artificial intelligence revolution has helped industries and their workers with rapid progress and development and equipped with this knowledge, students can secure good jobs most easily. With these potential scenarios for education, education seems to be making rapid progress and taking a turn for better, enabling students to become better learners and professionals with the right knowledge and skillset.

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