How to Write Your First Research Paper

How to Write Research Paper
Writing a research paper is a threatening process for many students. One of the blocks is how to begin the process and creating the first draft. Students should follow some guidelines on how to initialize the writing process and create the first draft. Students seem to struggle at night for writing a research paper for a year. They generate interesting data. Even a person has written hundred-research paper by hiring Phd dissertation writing services, the starting process will be the most difficult part of the same person. A student who is struggling to write a research paper for the first time will feel more difficulty at the start of writing. The rigid schedule is necessary in order to begin writing. Writing is very difficult process that requires brain-work and intense concentration.

Students require the motivation because it is the generative activity and also require a cognitive process as it is also an intellectual activity. With any type of hard work, the practice is necessary to get the success. Writing a research paper requires the regular practice to improve the writing skills. If you are working part time then you have to choose two to three hours in a day for writing research paper. Once you have scheduled your time for writing a research paper you need to understand how to start writing. Mostly and the best-used strategy is to start with an outline. The outline should be organized and created in such a way that it will be similar to template of research paper. Creating an outline is also a difficult part of writing a research paper. The outline will form structure of research paper. It will help to formulate hypothesis and generate ideas.

The next step is to add structure and context. The ideas should be grouped into different sections such as introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. After expansion of your outline, discuss the ideas of research paper with mentor and colleagues. Universities and colleges have writing centres where students can receive assistance and individual consultations with their draft of research paper. Taking consultation and assistance will allow you to organize thoughts to find directions in order to avoid wastage of time on irrelevant writing. After getting consultation and decide the topic to be studied, the real process of writing begins. Follow your outline to write papers. The first section is introduced. Start writing introduction part. The introduction section also requires the deep research. Search from the background of the study. The purpose, significance and research questions to be written in this section.

If you feel difficulty in starting a paper, then start writing the literature review section. This section requires the detailed analysis of previous research done by the researcher of a particular topic under study. In order to write this section you have to read many journal articles. Once you have identified the research gap and generate the research questions and hypothesis, then apply the methods to find out the answer of these research questions. The results and findings should be discussed with proper interpretation. Atlast, the whole research should be summarized in the discussion and conclusion section. The discussion and conclusion section includes the findings and meaning and why they are important. It also shows how findings fits into general picture and how it can contribute to existing knowledge of the topic.

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